Our Work

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We renovate and build homes that impact the environment in a positive way.

2020 Homes works closely with each home owner to make sure every detail reflects the families lifestyle and investment goals. From functionality and efficiency to all the final finishing work, we will guide and educate you through each step to ensure you can confidently make decisions based on your budget and schedule. 

Sometimes a dream home boasts majestically vaulted ceilings and rich custom wood window frames, or it has a more understated design with clean lines and a whole lot of WHITE. No matter what a families design aesthetic and function wish lists are, every detail will be selected while mindfully making decisions based on energy efficiency, healthy natural products, and your budget. 


Our goal with every home is to get as close to

net zero as possible.

It is our responsibility as business owners to reduce our carbon footprint and consider our planets health as one of our top priorities. The opportunity to contribute to the reduction in green house emissions presents itself during all stages of a new build or renovation project. This means we can do our part each and every day by choosing eco-friendly products, mindful design elements and creating smart partnerships with other eco-conscious businesses. 

Some of these opportunities are simple things a home owner can do themselves, while others should be left to a professional. As experts in the industry, here are a few ways we have been able to do our part.

  • Applying smart design elements and considering how the surrounding outdoor elements such as sun, trees and elevation effect the interior of a home. 
  • Constructing an absolute sealed building envelope with max insulation.
  • Intelligently heated water.
  • Using highly insulated windows and doors appropriate for that homes given climate. 
  • Using the sun for solar tempering and renewable energy.
  • Creating an energy efficient, fresh air supply.
  • Selecting an energy-efficient heating and cooling system. 
  • Installing energy efficient lighting with well designed placement for maximum use.
  • Installing an “all off” light switch at the main entrance to ensure all lights are off when no one is home. 
  • Selecting energy efficient appliances and electronics.

Some of these items are quite simple and straight forward, while others might be new and possibly overwhelming concepts. If building or renovating your home while considering the health of the planet is your thing, 2020 Homes is the builder of your dreams!