Building green is our thing.

Specializing in new residential construction and renovations, 2020 Homes partners with some of the best and most qualified trades, and will have you trusting that the job will be done right and within your budget.

Planning and building a home is much more than choosing the right counter tops, paint colours, room layouts, mouldings and hardware. Although these details help showcase a families style, 2020 Homes prides itself on making sustainable choices that are mindful of your families health, the health of your pocketbook and the overall planet.

Let us guide you step-by-step throughout the entire process from concept to completion.

New Construction

Building the perfect home has many steps, so everyone involved in this process needs a high level of patients and the ability to make numerous decisions along the way. This can be intimidating. After decades in the industry, 2020 Homes has mastered and simplified this process for you. We believe transparency and communication are fundamentals to building trust with our clients. Our process includes a comprehensive outline of costs, schedule, and scope of work with plenty of opportunity to pivot if our clients needs shift. We want you to be informed throughout every step of the way so that you can make educated decisions and celebrate each exciting milestone.


We often meet clients who have laid roots in a beloved neighborhood, and are not looking to relocate or build from the grown up. Instead they are looking to update and improve their existing home. We love these projects in so many ways because these structures are often home to so many memories. Usually the families needs have changed and the space they live in no longer serves them. Regardless of size or scope, we will elevate your homes style and value with quality workmanship and attention to detail. Our passion is making your home run with a great level of efficiency, so that your family can live with ease and reduce your carbon footprint. We understand that renovations are a significant investment of your energy and finances so through our technology driven project management approach we ensure peace of mind. Our team’s hard-working and approachable manner, transforms the potentially stressful process of renovations into an inspiring and fun experience.